Sven celebrates innovation: digital identification

It’s easy to forget the good things you’ve got. That’s certainly universally true, but even more so in a Swedish society characterized by its humbleness and especially amongst startup founders like us, which are always hungry to identify opportunities.

There’s much innovation to be celebrated and Sweden has been taking the lead on many important topics such as gender equality and environmentalism. For today however I’d like to highlight another topic that is easily forgotten and underappreciated: digital identification.

Mobile Bank ID has become an ordinary part of our everydays life. We access our bank accounts with it, file taxes and increasingly more login to a variety of services using it. Many of these services wouldn’t be possible without the option to easily and reliably identify users, or at least would be significantly more cumbersome to use. I for my part am not looking back to regularly filling out forms on paper and mailing them. And I won’t even begin to speak about how much it helps to reduce fraud and account takeovers.

Sadly strong digital identification is not available everywhere, in fact I only know of few examples outside of our Nordic neighbours. The most impressive one has to be India, a country that not long ago had virtually no way to identifying most of its citizens. That has been changing in impressive speed with 99% of adults now being registered since 2010.

But let’s go back to Sweden. Is Mobile Bank ID perfect? Certainly not. I wish it would work across borders, to be able to customize sign messages further, for it to have a more modern API and would it really hurt to make it look just a little better? Also I’m convinced one day more information will be connected to my digital ID allowing me to e.g. receive special offers for positive track record with another service or carry over personal preferences if and only if I chose to do so. Anonymity and privacy on the internet is important after all and giving it up should always be a selective and conscious choice.


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Sven Perkmann